How To Deal With A Crazy Wife

A crazy wife is a significant other that demonstrates unpredictable behavior, overreaction to situations or conversations, and/or bullying or…

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A crazy wife is a significant other that demonstrates unpredictable behavior, overreaction to situations or conversations, and/or bullying or coercion tactics.

Crazy wives can be hard to deal with because they usually do not see the wrong in their actions. It is often necessary to get outside help from someone else who can understand the situation to help calm the crazy wife down.

Many times, a crazy wife will use anger and aggression as a defense mechanism. This makes it hard to have a rational conversation with them because they do not truly understand what is going on or what they are doing.

It is important to remember that people with BPD suffer from a lack of self-regulation and fear of abandonment. These are two things that really cause instability in a relationship and cause the other spouse to feel out of control.

These tips are for spouses or partners of women with BPD who want to maintain some sense of normalcy in their relationship.

Avoid making her angry

While this may sound ridiculous, it is very important to understand that a calm wife is a happy wife. When she is happy, you will be happy!

Many men make the mistake of thinking that if they make their wife angry, then they are doing their job of keeping her calm. This is totally wrong and will only backfire on you.

A woman needs to know she is valued and respected by her husband. If you constantly make her angry, then you are showing her that she is not worth your time or respect.

She will then start to feel disrespected and unwanted which will eventually lead to divorce. You definitely do not want to make your wife feel disrespected, so avoid making her angry.

Also, remember that women take longer to cool off than men do. If you make her mad and she does not get enough time to cool off, then she may do something that she will regret later.

Do not argue with her

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If your wife is giving orders to you, then you must be in a position where you have to obey her orders. If you argue with her, then she will not trust you and there will be no harmony in your marriage.

If she asks you to do something that is impossible or unreasonable, do not argue with her, just do it. When you return from work, do not ask her what she wants to eat, prepare what she wants to eat.

If she asks you to buy something expensive, say no without arguing. If she asks for a trip somewhere expensive, tell her that you cannot afford it and that she should save money for it instead.

If she says something mean or insulting to you or someone else, do not respond in kind; just let it go. Do not argue with her over anything unless there is a really good reason.

Calmly tell her that you cannot discuss this now

If your wife is in a crazy mood, then it is best to not to engage in any kind of conversation with her.

If she has something important to discuss, then tell her to put it off until later when the two of you can talk calmly. If something has made her angry or upset, then tell her she should go take a bath or do something else to relax.

This may sound ridiculous, but it works. When she feels calm again, then she will be more open to talking. More often than not, she will forget about whatever it was that made her upset or angry.

If you need to discuss something with her, wait until she seems calm and says that she wants to talk. This way you will not make things worse and later have to apologize for making her mad.

Follow your normal routine

When things get crazy, the best thing you can do is keep doing normal things.

Do not change what you do because your wife is acting insane. Do not stop going to work, stop going to the gym, or stop spending time with friends or family.

Continuing with your normal routine will help bring her back to reality. It will also give her time to think about how normal she is, and how crazy she is being.

If she asks you to do something then go ahead and do it unless it puts you in danger. Continuing with your normal routine will help bring her back to reality. It will also give her time to think about how normal she is, and how crazy she is being.

It can be hard to do this, but it will help get her back on track sooner.

Talk to a friend or family member about it

If you’re married to a woman with mental health issues, it’s normal to feel like you can’t talk about it. People tend to stereotype women and mental health, making it even harder to be open about it.

It can be especially hard if you’re not comfortable talking about your wife’s problems, but that makes things worse.

Talking about it with a friend or family member can help relieve some of the stress. You could even ask a close friend to listen as you talk about some of the issues your wife is facing.

It can be hard to find people who are willing to listen, but that doesn’t mean they won’t understand. Most people have been in situations where they need someone to just listen to them, and this is no different.

Ask for a listening ear and probably the most important thing is that you trust them.

Deal with your anger before it gets to her

It’s easy to let things slip when you’re dealing with your wife’s PMS, but it can be disastrous. Don’t let things go until they get worse, try to address them when they start to happen.

It can be difficult to understand how someone can feel so bad without any apparent reason, but it’s important to try to understand.

It’s not a matter of understanding that it happens, but of being able to manage the situation when it happens. When your wife is feeling cranky and moody, try to address the issue before she does.

Let her know that you understand that she doesn’t feel good and you want to help her feel better. Give her a warm bath, buy her a nice treat, or take her out doing something fun. Show her that you care and are willing to help.

Tell her you want to see a therapist

If things get too crazy in your marriage, your wife needs professional help. A wise man once said that a couple should see a therapist together only if they can endure two hours of solid talking about nothing else but each other.

If your wife is too busy yelling at you to talk to you, then it’s time to get some outside help. A therapist can either work with just you or you and your wife, depending on the situation.

Therapists are trained to listen carefully, not take things personally and try to help people understand what is going on inside of them. This kind of neutral perspective can be very helpful.

Depending on the situation, a therapist can be helpful for either one or both parties involved. If you feel like you are being constantly attacked and there is no calmness in the marriage, perhaps it would be best for just one party to go see a therapist. It could really help them understand themselves better and deal with the issues in the marriage.

Set boundaries for her behavior

If your wife is dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, it is important to set boundaries for her behaviors.

For example, if she tends to spend too much money when she is feeling high, create a budget and have her stick to it. If she tends to overreact or get angry easily, create rules for what triggers this behavior and how to manage it.

It is also important to have her in therapy so she can learn how to cope with her issues and deal with them in a healthy manner. Having a supportive therapist can also help your relationship by helping your wife learn how to manage her issues.

By having these boundaries and therapy, it will help lower the amount of stress in the marriage and reduce the need for fights due to mental health issues.

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