How To Make Friends In College As An Introvert

Making friends in college as an introvert is possible, and you will be glad you did it. Having close…

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Making friends in college as an introvert is possible, and you will be glad you did it. Having close friends can help you get through tough classes, helping you manage stress and stay happy.

You can make friends through your classes, dorming with someone, working with someone, or by joining a club or organization. Finding people with common interests is a great start to making friend!

For students who are not comfortable in large groups or talking to strangers, making friends in college can prove to be difficult unless someone takes the first step.

Introverts tend to feel more comfortable talking to one other person at a time than in a group situation. This does not mean that they do not like meeting new people or doing new things, it just takes them longer to feel comfortable doing these things.

Let us tell you how to make friends in college as an introvert so that you do not miss out on making close friends during your time at school.

Join a club

how to make friends in college as an introvert

Clubs are a great way to meet people and create friendships. There are so many clubs on campus, you are sure to find one you are interested in.

There are arts and crafts clubs, volunteer clubs, dinner club groups, sports club teams, and more. If you are not into any of those things but know someone who is, ask if you can join their club!

Many clubs have meeting times that overlap with class times which makes it easy to fit into your schedule. You can also bond with other members over homework and projects which comes in handy when you want to make new friends.

If you find it hard to make the jump from acquaintance to friend, try bringing someone else along to club meetings or events. By being there for them, you will start to feel more connected and friendly yourself.

Take a class with your friends

how to make friends in college as an introvert

While making friends at class events is great, you can also make friends by taking a class with someone.

If you don’s feel comfortable talking to people you don’t know, this is an excellent way to make friends because you are in a setting that demands interaction.

You both are there for the same reason–to learn–and as you work together, you will start to get to know each other.

Classes are usually organized by major and there are usually lots of spots open, so it’s easy to find someone to take the class with. If you’re already friends, try taking a class together!

Even if you don’t talk much in the classroom, your friendship may transfer over to outside of the classroom, which can help you make more close friends.

Ask your close friends to invite friends along

how to make friends in college as an introvert

If you have a few close friends, ask them to invite you along when they meet new people. You can also do the same for them!

Your friend knows and trusts you, so he or she will be comfortable bringing you along to meet their friends. You can then meet your friends’ friends and make your own group of friends.

This is a great way to make friends as an introvert because you already have one friend in common. You both know and trust each other, which makes it easier to be friendly with each other.

You can also participate in group activities with your friend and his or her new friends. Doing this often will also help you develop new friendships since you will start to recognize people again.

Group activities are also helpful because they draw attention to you since you are part of a group. This makes it easier for others to approach you and makefriends.

Reach out to your professor

how to make friends in college as an introvert

This may seem like a silly thing to say, but many students don’t do it. Your professor is there for you, and he or she knows most of your names.

Professors are people too and have lives outside of the classroom. They are not omniscient beings, but they try their best to grade fairly and provide feedback when asked.

If you engage with them outside of the classroom, they may be more willing to help you. Plus, they may know other students who are willing to be friends with you.

You can start a conversation with your professor by asking questions about the material they are covering or by giving them feedback on their lectures. They will probably appreciate the attention and may even remember you later on.

Join a sports team

how to make friends in college as an introvert

Sports teams are one of the best places to make friends in college. Not only do you make friends on your team, you also meet people in classes when you have to go to sports marketing or management classes.

Sports teams also offer social events like bar nights and game nights where you can get to know people better. You will have lots of common interests as well as shared experiences by the end of the year.

Many schools have clubs that are not specifically sports oriented, so look into those as well. If none fit your interest, try starting your own club with friends!

If you are not very athletic, do not worry! Just going to some games and cheering with friends will make you more social. Try setting some goals for yourself like talking to one other person at each game and getting more familiar with them over time.

Try not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t feel like you fit in right away, give it some time and keep making new friends.

Go to events hosted by your school or department

how to make friends in college as an introvert

Campus events are a great way to meet people. There are many events that are put on by the university itself, as well as by student groups and academic departments.

These events range from food festivals to talent shows to course introductions. There is always something happening that brings people together!

Student groups put on events like game nights, bar trips, and sock races (yes, literally racing socks). These are all possibilities for making new friends.

By going to events hosted by your school or department, you will not only be supporting your school or department’s initiatives, but also making new friends.

Events can be very expensive though depending on the event itself. It is wise to get tickets early so that you can get a good price.

Make spontaneous plans with friends

how to make friends in college as an introvert

While hanging out with friends you’ve already made is great, one of the best ways to make friends is by making spontaneous plans with people you don’t know.

It can be scary to invite someone else into your world, but because college is such a structured environment, there are many opportunities to meet new people.

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone if they want to hang out or something as simple as going to a party or club with you. There are so many things to do in New York, people probably wouldn’t mind some company.

Whether it’s going out to eat, seeing a movie or concert, or doing something fun and active, inviting someone else can start the friendship off on a good foot – and both of you can end up having a good time.

Communicate well with your friends

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Having friends means being friendly and letting your friends know you. This can mean saying hello when you pass each other in the hall, chatting with them at lunch, or talking with them at dinner.

It can also mean listening to what they have to say, asking questions about what they said, and being an engaged listener.

Being a good listener is one of the best ways to make friends as an introvert. You may find that you enjoy listening more than talking, and this can be a way to participate in conversations.

You may find that making conversations awkward or feeling uncomfortable for both you and the other person(s) involved. Try not to worry too much about that – it’s normal!

Introverts tend to feel comfortable engaging in small talk about everyday topics. If this is comfortable for you, then go for it! Chat with your friends about things that matter to you – that way, you’ll both feel comfortable and connected with each other.

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